The Lindy Project



Playlists for Practice

Need something to practice to? Check out these playlists we made specifically for YOU! Note: you will need to get a spotify account in order to use the playlists below. It’s quick, easy, and free: Get Spotify.

Charleston Music
Lindy Hop Music

More Music

Jonathan Doyle Swingtet – Too Hot For Socks

buy and stream online here

Jonathan Doyle Quintet – Fed Hop

buy and stream online here

Michael Gamble and the Rhythm Serenaders

buy and stream online here

Places to Find Music

At A Dance
When I go out dancing and the DJ plays something I love, I go and ask for the song name and artist. Then get it and the album it’s connected to!

If you’re not sure what’s out there, and you don’t want to sort through a bunch of stuff, check out Pandora. You can type in the name of any of the jazz musicians we suggest and find one gem after another.

Jazz On Line
After about 70 years, the copyright of music expires. Which, coincidentally, is exactly the era of music we are interested in. So you can download music from this site FOR FREE, LEGALLY!!