The Lindy Project


What to Expect

What level should I take?

You can begin with Swing OR Level I. From there we have a system of rotating month-long classes that will usher you from beginner to a darn-good dancer. Check out our class levels page to see your trajectory.

Who will I dance with?

Lindy Hop is a really social dance where people dance with just about everyone, so we rotate partners in class. If you would prefer not to rotate, you may stay with the person you came with. However, by rotating you will absolutely learn faster and not develop as many bad habits.

What should I wear?

Most important: shoes that are comfortable and stick to your feet. Sling backs and flip flops are hard to dance in. As far as everything else, wear something comfortable that makes you feel good.

Signing Up


Register on our classes page. When you get to class, give your name to the person at the TLP desk. They’ll check you in and you’ll get a name tag.

At the Door

When you get to class, the person at the TLP desk will give you a form to fill out. Then they’ll check you in and you’ll get a name tag. Just note that we do sell out occasionally.