The Lindy Project


Private Lessons

How can I learn FASTER!?

Private lessons are among the best ways to speed up your learning curve. Rather than waiting for the slow-pokes in class or getting completely left behind by the know-it-alls, the instructor can present the information at a pace that is perfect for YOU! We can give you homework, summaries, contacts, CD listings — anything it takes to improve your dancing faster and more effectively!


Rates vary by instructor and number of people taking the private lesson, but they would be approximately $50-$70 per hour.

Who Should I Learn From?

For Beginners

Take a private from whomever you are most comfortable with or whomever you like the dancing style of. If you are unfamiliar with our instructors, simply email us, and we’ll set you up with someone. Include if you prefer to schedule the lesson for weekends, weekdays or weeknights.

For Advanced Dancers

If you’re working on styling, take a private from an instructor of the same gender. If you’re working on lead/follow technique, we recommend you take from an instructor of the opposite gender.

Get A Lesson

Email us to arrange a lesson. Let us know if you would prefer evenings, weekends, or weekdays, and we can set you up with an instructor who can match your schedule and your needs.