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Laura Glaess

Laura Glaess

The Shark

Laura grew up in a little hick town with more cows than people. It didn’t have much dancing, and the only radio stations were country, rap, and country. However, she was always enchanted by the classical CDs her parents had and danced around the living room constantly.

She bumped into Lindy Hop, Swing, and jazz in San Antonio while at Trinity University in 2001. Since then, Laura has been obsessed with learning more about this amazing dance, the amazing music and the rich culture that created them both.

Laura now travels constantly to teach and compete — attending almost every major event in the country. She has taught in Canada, the UK, Norway, Holland, Sweden, Siberia, Germany, Switzerland, Korea, Russia, France, Spain, Estonia, Australia, New Zealand and throughout the US. She gives the incredible Austin scene credit for much of her learning, and is very grateful for having such a wonderful dance home. She tries to give back by DJing, organizing events, and teaching local classes.

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