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Joanna Lucero

Joanna Lucero

She’s Small, but Dances BIG!

Joanna didn’t manage to find her way to lindy hop in the small town known as New York City where she grew up. Instead, she came across the dance in the thriving metropolis of Rochester, NY where she attended college. It took her three years to find the school swing club but you know what they say — the best things in life are worth waiting for.

She was hooked from the first swing-out. Having already had a background in ballet, tap, and partnered social dance of the spanish variety, she picked the basics up pretty quickly and then… practice, practice, practice. Her dancing developed primarily from social dancing, traveling to workshops, and exchanging ideas with fellow lindy addicts. When she dances, Joanna is a tiny bundle of energy. She finds her joy in the music. And as a teacher, she strives to help her students do the same.

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