The Lindy Project


Lindy’s Comeback

After almost complete extinction due to the popularity of Bop and Rock n’ Roll music over Swing, Lindy Hop was revived by a series of happy coincidences.

1: Discovering Lindy Hop

In the early 1980s, A Day at the Races, a Marx Brothers movie featuring an excellent vintage Lindy Hop routine begins rerunning on TV. Inspired by the clip, young dancers from the United States, the UK and Sweden sought out some of the original Lindy Hoppers, wanting to learn what they saw on the screen.

Fun Fact about A Day at the Races: The movie had been completely shot, edited and finished when Harpo Marx saw Lindy Hop for the first time. He was so impressed that he added this scene to the movie.

2: Learning Lindy Hop

The small group of dancers found Al Minns and Frankie Manning. In those days there was no internet, so in order to learn Lindy Hop, the young dancers had to travel to New York to learn from Al and Frankie personally. Especially under Frankie’s influence, the dancers discovered that there was so much more than the fancy fast tempos and air steps from the movies. They discovered the joy of simply social dancing – lead and follow sharing a common experience with each other.

3: Swing Becomes a Fad

After young dancers had learned the foundations of Lindy Hop, the 1998 GAP Khaki commercial, Swing Kids and Swingers came out, and swing dancing was all the rage. It was the cool thing to do, and the throngs new students learned from the very same dancers from the US, UK and Sweden who learned Lindy Hop back in the 80s.

4: World Domination

As Lindy Hop spread and the Internet became more ubiquitous, Lindy Hoppers all over the world became aware of each other and better connected to each other. Lindy Hop is now danced all over Europe, in far away places like South Korea, Lithuania and Estonia, in every major city in the US, and so much more! Lindy Hoppers frequently get together at various events to learn from each other and share the joy they find in this dance.