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Lindy Worldwide

Many of us travel all over the place for workshops, competitions, or exchanges. There are certainly many more than just these, but these are the biggest and bestest that we know of.

Texas Events

These aren’t the only ones going on, but they are the big annual ones.
Great Southwest Lindyfest
This workshop is one of the world’s top events and it’s right down the road in Houston, TX. It’s just a weekend long and it brings together all of the big name dancers from across the globe.

Austin Lindy Exchange (ALX)
This event is the weekend before Thanksgiving. No classes, no competitions – just solid social dancing, visiting Austin, and hanging out with friends.

Hot Rhythm Holiday
Right here in Austin, TX, this event focuses on shag, balboa and fast Lindy Hop. It also has music classes taught by some of the finest Austin musicians.

Texas Clubs/Societies

Austin Swing Syndicate
Dallas Swing Dance Society
Houston Swing Dance Society
San Antonio Swing Dance Society
Waco Swing Dance Society

National Events


International Lindy Hop Championships – ILHC
Probably the highest level competition weekend in the United States – if not the world! And very well run.

Midwest Lindy Fest
In Minneapolis, MN, this event has some great classes, great live music, and great social dances. Very fun atmosphere. Go there.

In beautiful Rochester, NY, this is a weekend dedicated entirely to social dancing. It has an intimate feel, and the social dancing is fantastic. 

Camps (Longer Than a Weekend)

Lindy Focus
A totally awesome event. Just sayin’. Takes place in Asheville, NC. Amazing classes. Some low-stress competitions. Wonderful dancing. Great community atmosphere.

Swing Out New Hampshire
5 days at a beautiful camp in New Hampshire. All the top Instructors. Dancing every night until dawn. Go there.

This is another standard camp that has been running for years. It takes place in Beverly, Massachusetts.

International Events

Herräng Dance Camp
This is probably the dance camp to end all camps. It’s a month long workshop in Sweden where you get to meet thousands of dancers accross the globe!

Smokey Feet
It’s in Amsterdam, the instructors are great, the music is excellent, venues are really cool, and the vibe is laid back and friendly. And it’s in Amsterdam!

Camp OZ
This is the largest swing event in Australia. It’s five days and six nights of awesome Australian energy!

In beautiful Barcelona, this is six days of amazing instruction, music and social dancing.

Studio Hop
This is a camp outside of Toulouse, France. The first week is dedicated to Balboa, the second week is dedicated to Lindy Hop. The dancing is great, the instruction is amazing, and the food is delicious!

Teachers We LOVE!!

Frida Segerdahl and Skye Humphries
ARE AMAZING!! SO amazing. And don’t have a website. But if you see them on the instructor lineup anywhere, go there and attend their classes. It will be worth it.

Naomi Uyama
She is a beautiful dancer who is well-versed in Lindy Hop, Tap and Belly Dancing. She teaches all over the world and is clear, well thought out classes. Definitely check her out.

Peter Strom
He is a powerful and super stylish dancer — excellent with momentum control and rotation. Very clear teacher with a passion for making you better.

Andy Reid and Nina Gilkenson
They don’t always teach together, but you can get all of the information about them here. Great dancers, very personable and approachable people.

Ramona Staffeld
This girl has rhythm and energy oozing out of her every pore and is obviously in love with Lindy Hop and everything about it.

Todd Yannacone
He is one of the very fanciest dancers we know of. Crazy moves, nunchuck arms, blurring footwork.

Tommy and Alice
Very skilled and very friendly.