The Lindy Project


Lindy Hop on Video

Examples of Modern Lindy Hop

Skye Humphries & Frida Segerdahl, ILHC 2013

Stefan & Bethany, ILHC 2008

Lindy Hopper’s Dozen (from right here in Austin, TX!), ILHC 2012

Todd Yannacone & Ramona Staffeld, ILHC 2012

Champions Strictly Lindy Finals, ILHC 2011

Examples of Vintage Lindy Hop

Hellzapoppin (1941)

Famously the best recording of Lindy Hop ever captured on film.

Day at the Races (1937)

Because this film clip was attached to a Marx Brothers’ movie, it was played on TV in the 80s, helping to bring Lindy Hop out of obscurity.

Hot Chocolate / Duke Ellington’s Cottontail (1941)

Keep Punchin’ – The Big Apple (1939)

This is a line dance we still do today. If you go out to the Fed, chances are you’ll see it!

Jammin’ the Blues (1944)

Not as much dancing, but what there is is spectacular, and the featured musicians were at the top of their league during this time!