The Lindy Project



TLP Turns 7!

Our 7th Birthday is coming up! Celebrate with us Saturday, October 7th at the Butterfly Bar. With live music by Thrift Set Orchestra!

Austin at ILHC

We Went, We Danced, We Have Videos

Over ILHC weekend, The Lindy Project went and competed in just about everything. Here’s what we did!

We brought a team, The Lindy Hopper’s Dozen, consisting of Brooks & Laura, Mike & Joanna, Sarah & Scott, and friends of TLP, Andrew & Teni. In mid-routine, Sarah was injured, and had to leave the routine with Scott. The remaining couples went on to finish the routine. In spite of the injury, we won 4th place, as well as the ILHC spirit award.

Mike and Laura competed in the Pro-Classic division:

Mike and Laura competed in the Invitational Strictly:

Mike and Maeva got 2nd place in the All-Star Jack & Jill:

Joanna and Davis got 3rd place in the All-Star Jack & Jill:

Joanna and friend of TLP, Andrew Hsi, killed it in the All-Star Stricktly:

Laura and Dax Hock competed in the Invitational Jack & Jill:

Last, but not least, Mike and Alexis, a 14 year-old ball of talent from Cleveland, killed it in the Pro-Am division: