The Lindy Project

Bringing Lindy Hop, Swing & Charleston to the Austin Community


Jammin' the News

Dance in a Day! Lindy Hop & Lindy Hop Expanded


February 20th

Whether you already know how to swing out, or you’re looking to begin your journey as a Lindy Hopper, this workshop has you set up. Check it out on facebook!


LEVEL I: Learn the swingout from scratch. It’s amazing.
• Prerequisites: none
• Instructors: Laura & Brooks
• Groupons accepted!

LEVEL II: Lindy Hop Expanded!! Expand your vocabulary and your knowledge of how Lindy Hop technique works!
• Prerequisites: know the basic swingout, circle and prommonade
• Instructors: Eric & Lian

The Info

WHEN: February 20, 11am to 2:30pm
WHERE: Dancer’s Workshop, 11150 Research Blvd #107, Austin, TX 78759
COST: $40 if you preregister

NOTE 1: Bring a snack and maybe an extra shirt
NOTE 2: The Lindy Project reserves the right to cancel the workshop in case of low preregistration. In case of a cancelation, your registration can be refunded or moved to the next scheduled workshop.